Singer / Song Writer / DJ / Producer

Artist (Singer / Writer / Choreographer)

シンガーソングライター, FEMINIST, 関西 Bad Gyal。
ブラックミュージックに強く影響を受け、作詞作曲、振り付け までを手掛ける現場主義のグローバルアーティスト。

Music Videoのトータル再生回数は1000万回を超える。

2017年、リリースした「Choose Me / メロンソーダ feat Reichi 」が話題となり
YouTubeで合計 “300万回” 以上再生され、iTunes レゲエチャート 1位を獲得。

”女が無理とか出来ないとか偉そうに言ってたん誰かな” (ヒールで仁王立ち Pro.SHINGO★西成)
”My Pussy My Choice”(NO BRA! feat.あっこゴリラ)


”ありのままの自分が美しい”というメッセージを”らしく”表現した作品『KETSUFURE』は、アメリカ人女性がTwitterで投稿し、1日で200万再生と拡散され、NYのラジオ番組 HOT97でも取り上げられた。


「まけんな」、日本、台湾、韓国の女性アーティストをfeatした 「Rich or Dead Asian Girls Remix」リリース。

2021年、Calvin Klein 21SS, 21FW アジアを代表とするモデルに起用される。

タイのアーティスト”Pyra”の新曲「Yellow Fever (feat. Ramengvrl & YAYOI DAIMON) 」にインドネシアの”Ramengvrl”と参加。
NME Awards 2022のBEST ASIAN SONGに選ばれ、受賞。

2年ぶりとなるオリジナル EP “My Own Boss”をリリース。

JNKMN, Reddy from Korea を迎え
Dancehall, Afrobeats, Hiphop を融合したオリジナルBad Gyalスタイル。

独立, コロナ禍、変わりゆく環境で経験したことを元に
前作”GIRLS” から ”WOMAN”になっていく姿を等身大に描いた作品集。


With a deep and heavy sound inspired by Dancehall, Hiphop. YAYOI DAIMON is a singer, rapper and songwriter from Osaka, Japan.

As a feminist, she has broken Japanese stereotype and traditional expectations by promoting the message to all women that they are beautiful the way they are and they should live the life they want.

Her videos on Youtube have since then reached more than 10,000,000 views 

In 2017, YAYOI DAIMON released the single "Choose Me / Melon Soda feat. Reichi". It became a hot topic, gaining over 3 million views on YouTube and the number one spot on the iTunes Reggae chart in Japan.

In 2018, YAYOI DAIMON released “Heels (ヒールで仁王立ち)", produced by SHINGO★Ghetto, and "NO BRA! feat. AKKO GORILLA". 
With lyrics such as "Who was that arrogantly saying this is impossible for women or that they can't do it?" and her now infamous catchphrase "My Pu**y My Choice", when performing on stage, she holds the power to stun her audiences with her words, and has the support from girls around the world for being a strong role model.

In 2019, she moved to Los Angeles, California for a year where she release new hits such as "KETSUFURE" which became a viral hit on Twitter in the US accumulating over 2 million views in a couple days. After going viral, it was even picked up on the New York radio station HOT 97 by The Heavy Hitters.

In 2020, she released more singles such as a dancer’s anthem“Makenna” and a collaboration between Japan, Korean and Taiwanese female artists “Rich or Dead”. 

2021 is a life-changing year for Yayoi Daimon, as she has become an independent artist.
What is most important for her is her creative freedom and not to be bound by labels politics.

She featured in “Yellow Fever”, an Asian Anthem with South-East Asian stars Pyra and Ramen Gvrl, That was won by NME Awards 2022 as a BEST ASIAN SONG

Another highlight, She appointed as a model representing Asia as Calvin Klein's 21SS, 21FW.

She is an artist who is expected to be active in a wide range of activities and activities not only in Japan but also overseas.

2022, EP "My Own Boss" release

Featured JNKMN from Japan, Reddy from Korea
Original Bad Gyal style that combines Dancehall, Afrobeats and Hiphop.

A life-sized collection of works that depicts her becoming "WOMAN" from her previous work "GIRLS".

Her appearance on SXSW has been decided in the United States in March this year as well, and her attention will increase to Yayoi Daimon, who fascinates her original movement.